Meghan will Teach Canadian Women to Remarry Successfully

Celebrity news site “Page Six” reported that British prince Harry’s wife Meghan will be a guest on the reality show “I Do, Redo” about remarriage in Canada.

People close to the show’s production team revealed that Meghan will be with her best friend, Jessica, a wedding stylist in Toronto, Canada. On this show hosted by Maloney, he has been a guest several times. Meghan will share her experience with the show’s audience: she and American filmmaker Engelson had a two-year marriage history, then divorced, and married Harry in 2018.

“Page Six” estimates that during the filming of the show, Meghan’s pay per episode was US $ 588.

Megan signed a contract with Disney last month to voice the characters in Disney films in exchange for Disney donations to help the elephant care organization she supports.