Mercedes Benz A Class Sedan New Model

Mercedes Benz A Class Sedan New Model… First introduced in the United States.

Mercedes-Benz announced on September 25 that it will introduce the new “A class sedan” (Mercedes-Benz A Class Sedan) to the world market. It was decided to be introduced to the US market for the first time as successive “A class”. In the United States, “CLA” of the same small sedan category will also be on sale continuously.

For many years, Mercedes Benz has positioned “C Class” as an entry model for the United States. However, CLA is introduced as an entry model located under the C class. In the United States, because there is constant demand for the small premium sedan, we decided to introduce Sedan’s new A class sedan, which will be the first A class in the US market.

The wheelbase of A class sedan is 2729 mm. This is the same size as the new A class of hatchback. The body size is 4549 mm in total length, 1796 mm in full width, 1446 mm in total height. In the A class sedan, we pursue aerodynamic performance. The Cd value is 0.22 and the front projected area is 2.19 square meters. According to Mercedes-Benz, it surpasses the current “CLA Coupe” and is said to be the world’s smallest front air resistance with mass-produced cars. Indoor space pursues the highest segment level. The rear seat headroom is 944 mm. The trunk capacity is 420 liters, and the opening of the trunk has a width of 950 mm.

In the A-class sedan power train, set 1.33 liter in-line four-cylinder gasoline turbo engine. The maximum output is 163 hp and the maximum torque is 25.5 kgm. Transmission is 7-speed dual clutch “7G-DCT”. 0 to 100 km / h acceleration 8.1 seconds, maximum speed 230 km / h.

Automatic restart function that can be used at times of traffic jamIn the A-class sedan, the latest advanced driving support system (ADAS) is installed. “Active brake assist” as standard equipment. Stereo camera and radar sensor are watched extensively up to 500 m forward. When detecting the danger of collision with a vehicle in front, a vehicle crossing the front, a car coming together, a pedestrian, an object on the road, etc., warn the driver with display display or sound.

“Active distance assist / DISTRONIC” enables partial automatic operation under certain conditions. Activate distance, assist, and DISTRONIC when starting up from a high-speed jam, start automatic, keeping the optimum distance with the car in front. It also has an automatic restart function. This is a thing that the driver can automatically start without stepping on the accelerator if it is within 30 seconds after stoppage. It is also possible to automatically decelerate in front of a curve or the like by utilizing the map data of the navigation system.

Also, “Active Lane Keep Assist” warns the driver by vibrating the steering wheel when it is about to depart from the lane contrary to the driver’s intention. In case of deviating from the lane, the brakes are applied to one wheel and the vehicle is returned to the original lane.

Update “Mercedes Me” to the latest version

In the A class sedan, digital cockpit which is the core of in-vehicle connectivity can be selected. Two high definition wide displays (up to 10.25 inches) are set up. This cockpit display was made by fusing these two displays with a single glass cover.

Also adopted “MBUX” newly developed by Mercedes Benz. MBUX stands for Mercedes Benz user experience. MBUX employs a voice recognition assistant that introduced AI (artificial intelligence). Just calling “Hey, Mercedes” by the user, the voice recognition assistant is activated. Provide various services requested by users.

Also update “Mercedes Me” to the latest version. Car-to-X communication becomes possible, data such as emergency brake, operation of ESP, SOS transmission from the driver, etc. are communicated from the vehicle to the vehicle, and a safe route is navigated based on this information. Further, there is a function of sending a message to the owner of the vehicle when the vehicle receives a shock or is towed during parking.

Applications of Mercedes-Me can be arranged as icons on the monitor screen of the dashboard, and can be freely sorted on the website as with other applications. Furthermore, online contents such as gasoline and light oil prices, parking lot availability information can be displayed on the MBUX.

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