Michel Temer: “They Want to Win the Case, not to do Justice”

Two weeks after his arrest under Operation Lava Jato, former Brazil President Michel Temer (MDB) spoke on the incident. In an article in the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo, Temer states that his detention was “arbitrary” and was part of a “circus spectacle” set up as a demonstration of power by the task force. “They want to win the case, not to do justice,” he wrote.

After discussing the importance of democracy and compliance with the rule of law, Temer seeks to deconstruct the accusations made against him, as well as the grounds that led the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) to seek his preventive detention.

The former president criticized the MPF for having based representation on multiple inquiries that involved him, which he called “tasted.” In the document, the Public Prosecutor’s Office cited other cases involving Temer to argue that the emedebista commits “continuous crimes”, that is, that commands a criminal organization that acts for decades and that had to be interrupted with the arrest.

“What was wanted was the spectacle and was what was seen, in clear violation of the freedom and dignity of the human person. People who do not honor themselves imagine normal disgrace. It was what they did with the arbitrary arrest, “he said. The ex-president still says that some of the conclusions drawn in the pieces of the process depart from notions like “it seems,” “everything indicates that” and “the evidence is superficial.”

In his decision, Judge Marcelo Bretas uses connections, especially between Michel Temer and police officer Joao Baptista Lima Filho, Coronel Lima, to attest that there is evidence that the money received by companies linked to him in contracts with Engevix and with a Advertising agency was a way of laundering resources for the former president who would be the final recipient of the securities.

The emedebista commented again on the controversial case of the 500,000-dollar suitcase, in which he was convicted last week, by decision of Judge Rodrigo Parente Paiva, of the Federal District. In the episode, which notably bothers the former president, the Federal Police recorded Rodrigo Rocha Loures, a former president’s adviser, walking with the scholarship, received from a JBS executive. As in other interviews and opportunities since then, Temer questioned the Federal Police’s reasons for not following Loures.

“The carrier picked up a taxi and, monitored as it was, was not followed. Do readers know why? Because the valise was “chipada” and was expected to be delivered to me, which never happened. So the suitcase did not come to me, it returned with the money, and yet I was denounced as the perpetrator of a crime that could never have been imputed to me, “he says.

As in a message to others investigated and members of the judiciary with more profile, the former president quotes an excerpt from the poem On the Road with Maiakovski, Eduardo Alves da Costa. Just put the opening phrase, “the first day they stole the rose from my garden and I said nothing.” The poem ends the thief, “knowing our fear,” stealing everything, including “the light” and “the voice of the throat.”

Former Brazilian president Michel Temer was arrested Thursday, less than three months after he left office, as part of a sweeping corruption investigation that has brought down dozens of Brazil’s top politicians.

Prosecutors allege Temer led a sophisticated organized-crime ring that received $470 million in bribes.

Temer, 78, was charged with corruption and money laundering and stands accused of running a scheme that accepted bribes in return for lucrative government contracts involving a Brazilian power plant, prosecutors said.

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Two weeks after his arrest under Operation Lava Jato, former Brazil President Michel Temer (MDB) spoke on the incident.

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