Miniature Aircraft Made in Indonesia Goes Worldwid Goes Worldwid

In America there is a big name manufacturer of miniature aircraft, Pacmin, which is supported by Boeing, then in Australia there is Hobbyco. In Indonesia, they have Anglo Indonesian Aircraft Models, even though the scale of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is not as big as Pacmin and Hobbyco.

Although classified as MSMEs, aircraft miniature products made by Anglo Indonesian Aircraft Models are already worldwide. Various miniature aircraft belonging to foreign airlines such as Etihad, Emirates, Jazeera, Qantas, and All Nippon Airways have been made by this craftsman of miniature aircraft in Cibonong, Bogor Regency. Apart from orders from airlines, Marison’s Anglo Indonesian Aircraft Model miniature aircraft are also exported to several countries such as Australia, Japan, England, the Netherlands, Dubai and Switzerland. “Two years ago we were still routinely serving supplay to the Netherlands. There was an Aviation Megastore shop that ordered miniatures here,” said Marison.

Marison admitted that he started this business since 30 years ago, starting from his hobby in airplanes. Initially he tried to make his own miniatures. Along with the development of his business, now Marison who runs a business with Nur Hayati, his wife has 25 employees.

“Initially a hobby of planes because I happen to live at Halim Perdanakusuma, make a miniature airplane,” said the man born in Bengkulu. come from a freight forwarder or cargo service company. DHL, Cardic Air, and Polar are some of the cargo companies that order miniatures from Marison. Within a month Marison’s workshop is able to make 100 to 200 miniature aircraft made from fiber. A miniature airplane sells for Rp. 250,000 to Rp. IDR 50 million depending on the scale .

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