‘Monday Sickness’ Attacking on Sunday Afternoon… How to fix it

Are you having a good weekend? There may be some who become anxious and  on Sunday afternoon.
It is because of ‘Monday sickness’. Let’s look at how to overcome’Monday sickness’.

It is not a medical disease. However, many people are suffering from’Monday sickness’ due to the harsh reality. This is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

‘Monday sickness’ is a phenomenon that occurs when the circadian rhythm is disorganized on the weekend and adjusts to the original circadian rhythm.

This adds to the psychological tension of having to start a new week on Monday, in addition to the regret about weekend breaks.
It can lead to stressful headaches, abdominal pain, and even depression.

It is also called’Sunday Night Syndrome’. It is because of the anxiety, nervous, and depressing symptoms in the afternoon on Sunday.

Monday becomes the’object of fear’.
Weekends are the only’rest time’ for modern people who are struggling with excessive work.

That’s why there’s a lot of regret and the psychological pressure to start a new week.

After this broadcast, a report on’Monday sickness’ will be broadcast. It was last Sunday that I was interviewing for’Monday Byeong’ when I posted a post about’Monday Byeong’ on Twitter.

I wrote a short article about how I overcame it, but there were close to 1,000 retweets and retreads.

Even after a few days have passed, seeing that my post on’Monday’s disease’ continues to be retweeted, I could guess that many people are suffering from’Monday’s disease’. So I started to report.

It means that there are that many people suffering from’Monday sickness’. You must have met a lot of experts because of the coverage.
What do you think is the root cause of’Monday sickness’?

Mental health specialists diagnose that the cause of’Monday sickness’ comes from misconceptions about Monday.
People who suffer from’Monday sickness’ have excessive compensatory sentiment, saying,’I will relieve the stress of my work weekday on the weekend.’

So, I sleep a lot on the weekends, I just lie down, and I have the obsession that’I have to rest’ and I force myself to take a lot of rest.
It is that this kind of psychology makes’Monday sickness’ worse.

So on Sunday, I take a lot of naps with the thought of’I have to sleep more because I go to work tomorrow’.

Sunday leads to a more irregular life than Saturday.

This leads to oversleeping on Monday mornings, fussing to work, being late, causing friction with the boss, and losing concentration on work. When this happens, it can only be irritating.

Also, Monday is a very busy day.
When too much work is added, the stress reaches its peak.

It’s a vicious cycle. What should I do?

Experts say you have to change your mind.
In the end, it’s up to you to think of’Monday Byeong’.
It means that Sunday, the catalyst of’Monday sickness’, should not be viewed as’the beginning of a new week’ rather than’the end of the week’.

Around Sunday evening it’s a good idea to get ready for what to do in the new week.
It’s warming up.

When you feel nervous, anxious, and depressed, you can think specifically about why you are feeling this way, why you don’t like Monday, write it down, think about and write down a solution to it, and put it into practice.

I also had a serious’Monday sickness’. On Sunday evening, I write down my schedule for the next week in my notebook, and I have some things to do on Monday morning.

There are many unexpected situations on Monday, so there are a lot of things happening in addition to the scheduled ones, so I want to do it in advance so that I can work more comfortably.

As I did this, my anxiety gradually disappeared and I became more confident.

Like reporter Kim, investing some time on Sunday evening with the mind of preparing ahead…what should I do if that doesn’t work?

If it’s too bad, you can also go to work on Sunday and start working on Monday.
It allows you to experience much less’Monday sickness’ symptoms the day after the Sunday you work.
So I can recognize Sunday as the beginning of the week.

Usually, I make an expectation and awaiting appointment on the weekend.

You make it on weekday evenings instead of weekends to make you wait for that appointment.

It’s also helpful to remember that the’Monday sickness’ wasn’t serious on the weekend ahead of such an appointment.
It creates an opportunity to make a difference in perception.

Sunday happens at the same time as weekdays, but it is definitely a break.

I enjoy a leisurely meal with my family and enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the sun.Wake up at a similar time on weekdays is to take a break during the weekend to keep your circadian rhythm from losing.

If you wake up at 6 in the morning, you will wake up around 7 even if it is not 6, and even if you keep the wake up time similar, your body
It would be very helpful to keep the wake-up time similar.

Instead, you can go to bed an hour or two earlier on a Sunday night.
Then, on Mondays, if you wake up about an hour earlier than weekdays and go to work, you will have time to spare.

I must eat on Monday mornings. It is also helpful to walk about 20 minutes to work in the morning sun.

If you make this effort, you will overcome Monday’s disease.

If it does not improve, it may be a symptom of depression or anxiety disorder.
You should visit the Department of Mental Health and consult.

Also, from Friday or Saturday to Monday, you can’t do any activities because you are concerned about Monday, or even if you are reprimanded by your boss because of’Monday sickness’, you need to consult with an expert.

It is said that Monday is the day when resignation letters are searched the most on the Internet, and Monday is the day when the most headache medications are purchased.

In one university hospital survey, Monday was the day of the week when people were most crowded with stressful abdominal pain.

It’s hard to change your mind about anything.

I hope that this broadcast will change the way people view Sunday and overcome’Monday sickness’.

I think this kind of thinking will also help. ‘Monday sickness’ also comes from work life, so if you think that you are happy to have a place to work, wouldn’t you be able to overcome it?

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