Nano Technology Development of Self-Made Yarn

Electric energy is generated by using the fact that the width of the chest is changed.

You can measure breathing size and cycle in real time by measuring it.

Professor Kim Sun-jung of the Department of Electrical Biomedical Engineering at Hanyang University has developed a twist lone thread made of carbon nanotubes that produces electric energy spontaneously when shrinking, relaxing or rotating with a research team of the University of Texas. ‘Twist Lone Yarn’ is made by twisting carbon nanotubes into a coil shape. As the principle of capacitors, it is possible to increase the power generation capacity by making the thickness of the yarn thick or parallel.

The researchers produced 250 watts per kilogram (W) of power when shrinking and relaxing about 30 times per second. When a balloon is hung in a twist lone yarn and put into the sea, electric energy is produced every time the wave is blown, and electric energy is produced when a nylon artificial muscle moving due to temperature changes in the air is connected to a twistron yarn.

When you wear a t-shirt made of twisted rhinestone and use an electrical signal generated by a stretching change of the thread every time you breathe, you can use it as a self-powered sensor that does not need power supply.