Nanyake Acquires 13% Equity of Falco at 35.65 Yuan per Share

Nanya Technology, Nanya Circuit Board and Fook Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly announced today (13) that they will conduct equity trading in Fook Technology; Nanya intends to acquire no more than 57,489 shares of Fake Technology through a large-scale transaction through a centralized securities trading market. Shares, about 13% equity, the transaction price per share is set at 35.65 yuan, the total transaction amount does not exceed 2.05 billion yuan, becoming the largest shareholder.

Nanya Circuits intends to obtain no more than 13,267 shares of Flytech Technology Co., Ltd., accounting for about 3% of the equity. The transaction price per share is set at 35.65 yuan, and the total transaction amount is limited to 470 million yuan. At the same time, Fu Ye Xingye plans to dispose of no more than 70,756 shares of Fu Ye Technology in the same way and at the same price.

Li Peiying, General Manager of South Asia Branch, said, “Fuer Technology has long been the main partner of South Asia Branch packaging and testing. The increase in shareholding ratio from the original 19% to 32% will further strengthen the two parties’ future product engineering and packaging. And strategic cooperation in testing and other aspects, as well as improving the overall operating performance and market competitiveness of Nanya. It will have positive benefits for future operations, finance and shareholders’ equity. ”

Tang Ande, general manager of Nanya Circuit Board, said, “Through this holding of Fuyi Technology, in addition to financial investment, it can strengthen the continued development of cooperation between the two parties, such as IC substrates and circuit boards, and improve operating performance.”

Li Minzhang, general manager of Fook Industrial, said, “With new applications such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Vehicles, the development and introduction of advanced packaging technologies are even more needed. The participation of South Asia Branch and South Asia Circuit Boards in investment can promote 3 companies. The cooperation relationship is closer, and the technology development energy of Falco will be strengthened to meet future industrial needs. Because the overall synergy can be increased by vertical integration, this transaction will not affect the company’s shareholders’ equity. “