New 500-Yen Coin Postponement of Issuance Delayed due to Equipment Repair due to Corona

The government announced on the 22nd that it will postpone the issuance of new 500-yen coins scheduled for the first half of 2021. The repair work of automated teller machines (ATMs) and automatic ticket vending machines that support new coins has been delayed, especially in rural areas, due to the self-restraint of movement due to the spread of the new coronavirus. The new issue date will be announced again after assessing the infection status.

The design of the front and back of the new 500-yen coin is almost the same as the current one, but in order to prevent counterfeiting, the color of the current 500-yen coin and the two colors of silver were combined, and small letters were added inside the edge of the coin. Feature. A person in charge of the Ministry of Finance said, “I want to issue it without delay while checking the acceptance system in the city.”