New Electric 4L

No sooner has the new electric R5 had time to find its audience than it will already be stolen from the limelight by another revival. A modern 4L, also “zero emission” and no less important for Renault.

A small ego war is currently brewing at Renault. Symbol of the Renaulution, the new electric R5 will not long remain the only “revival” in the Losange range. From 2025, another emblematic model of our ex-Régie will also try to vibrate the nostalgic cord. This is the 4L which, after some rumors, went official last summer. Not much is known yet, not even her name, Renault having simply registered the name “4ever” in January 2021.

But we are already able to offer you some first images of this modern day 4L. While our illustrations are largely based on patent filings that have already leaked onto the Web, we must still be careful, because the design is not yet frozen. So even if the 4L project is not new, Gilles Vidal, the new Renault style boss – still under the leadership of Laurens Van Den Acker – will have time to add his touch.

Faithful to the adventurous spirit
Illustration of the future production electric Renault 4L.
Illustration of the future production electric Renault 4L © automobile-magazine
On the styling side, there will be plenty of nods to the 4L of yesteryear, but this resurrected variant can’t help but resort to a few SUV gimmicks like wheel arches, sills and plastic shields. . It’s as much about surfing fashion as it is about rediscovering the adventurous spirit of the 4L of the time. On the other hand, with more than three decades between the last 4L “made in Boulogne” and the first of the 21st century, there is no need to calculate the extent of the gap on a technical level.

Like the R5, the 4L did not plan to use oil, but only electricity. And to do this, will take over Renault’s new CMF-B / EV platform. In more common parlance, this is simply the same base as the Clio modified to accommodate the batteries in the floor. A logical choice to reduce production costs. Because like the “5”, the new 4L is intended to be affordable, between € 20,000 and € 25,000.

400 km of autonomy
A range that simple industrial rationalization cannot achieve. To this, the 4L adds batteries that are cheaper to produce thanks to the use of new LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) chemistry that is significantly less expensive than lithium-ion technology. Thanks to this accumulator and a new wound rotor electric motor similar to that of the Mégane, the new electric 4L should offer a range of around 400 km. No clue has yet filtered through the power delivered by the set, but expect performance similar to that of the last Zoe (110 or 135 hp). Produced in Douai, the “zero emission” 4L should offer a little more roominess and modularity than the R5. A utility side reinforced by the already announced arrival of a van version in the wake.

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