New Machine for Small Food Bags

Packaging sensitive liquid food bags is very challenging. At the Anuga Foodbank Exhibition,  showcased the VP600 changes designed specifically for this soft packaging. This new innovation can process small packets slowly and at high capacity simultaneously. You can visit the impressive displays of the features of these pudding bags provided by Polish manufacturer Bakoma SA at this prestigious trade fair.
Meypack specializes in unique and unique packaging solutions and complies with current VP600 (Packer Case VP600) box packaging. The food industry needs machines that can process small products in small establishments and in small spaces. This is exactly what the new VP600 developer is capable of doing. Due to the effects of compressed equipment, its continuous movements are largely proportional to production facilities. In a fully automated process, the machine produces packages in a range of formats from 2.5 mm to 2.5 mm (width 4 length 2 height). To illustrate this, Meypack presented children’s snacks from Polish manufacturer Bakoma SA at the Anuga Exhibition. Eighty-gram pudding bags sealed with screw caps of 4.1 in size were packed in rows of 8.5 in the form of door trays.