New Versa 2021: Cheaper Option With Outomatic Transmission

A very important launch for Nissan in Brazil, the new generation of Versa recently debuted in the country and promises to spice up the dispute for consumer preference among compact sedans.

The new Versa 2021 in its top-of-the-line Exclusive catalog, which brings, among other advantages, a good technology package composed of collision alert with autonomous braking, 360º camera system, point monitoring blind, just to list the main resources.

The Versa Sense is the possibility of folding the rear seat backrest. Although the trunk has a capacity of 466 liters (482 liters in Advance and Exclusive configurations), this important attribute of versatility is needed at times when it is necessary to transport bulky objects.

As the automatic Versa Sense shares the mechanics with the most expensive options, the 1.6 16V engine associated with the CVT gearbox, a set that is sufficient to give the new Versa performance consistent with its proposal, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.7 seconds, and partial consumption that can reach 11.7 km / l in the city and 13.9 km / l on the road with gasoline.

It is a fact that the new Versa Advance and Exclusive emerge as more balanced choices for the model because they have the main features that are increasingly valued by consumers, such as the multimedia center. Not by chance, during the presentation of the Versa 2021, Nissan projected that the most expensive catalogs of the sedan should have a larger share in the sales mix. It is information that must be taken into account, since it also suggests superior liquidity in the used vehicle market for these two versions.


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