Next to White Sneakers are White Boots The Autumn

The popularity of white boots is gradually expanding. It feels like it’s next to “white sneakers”, and it looks like it will spread even further this fall and winter. The reason why it is supported is that it is easy to impress the cleanliness and freshness desired in this era, and it also keeps away the weight peculiar to the winter look. This time, we have collected proposals for white boots by leading brands by styling.

REKISAMI” is a classic and feminine coordination with a cutwork lace sack dress and white boots. Cool white boots also make you feel the strength of the core. If you make use of white, you can increase the arrangement pattern by making it look lighter or upgrading the pants look. The good harvest of the proposal also proves the white boot boom.Autumn and winter are the seasons where you can enjoy layering. Eye-catching white boots do a good job when you want to create a clean mood while adding volume by layering.

“AMERI” style super layered with a long shirt and knit poncho layered on top of it. In addition, wide pants were added to create volume, but thanks to the white boots linked to the ponchos and pants, the atmosphere was dignified.

White is said to be an inflated color, but when it comes to shoes, the merit of making it look neat seems to be greater. In the second photo, “JANE SMITH”, the boa coat worn over the long skirt is the main character of the outfit. The texture and length are warm to the eye, but what you can’t see is the white boots.