Nikkei Stock Average Fell by 78.69 yen Compared to the Previous Business Day

The Tokyo stock market on the 25th was dominated by selling profits on the back of the weak US stocks and the strong yen. A sense of caution against friction between the US and China reignited, and uncertainty about the US politics became a burden.

The closing Nikkei Stock Average fell by 78.69 yen compared to the previous business day to 22,020.15 yen, down for the first time in four days. The trading volume of the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 1,127.89 million shares, and the trading value is 2.1 trillion 170,770 million yen. The number of issues with rising prices was 963, the number of issues with decreasing prices was 1084, and 104 issues remained unchanged.

Today’s Tokyo market is being pushed to sell. In September, the Nikkei average has been consistently rounded up, but the momentum for profit-making has strengthened as a result of the backlash. The US President Trump criticized China for his speech at the UN General Assembly, and the speculation about the friction between the US and China resurfaced. In addition, the US government’s uncertainties aggravated market sentiment against the back of Trump’s impeachment investigation. In the US stock market on the previous day, the major stock indices were generally cheap, and the Nikkei average was forced to follow. However, defensive stocks of domestic demand such as power stocks and pharmaceuticals showed strength and supported the overall market price. The number of stocks with a drop in price was relatively low at over 1000, and the flow of individual stock colors remained alive. The total trading value has been on the decline, although it has been in the 2 trillion yen range due to the refrain from buying the main shares.

Individually, Nintendo <7974.T> was significantly cheaper, Softbank Group <9984.T>, Toyota <7203.T>, etc. were also sold. FA related items such as Keyence <6861.T>, SMC <6273.T>, and FANUC <6954.T> are cheap. The finish <3667.T> plummets, and the sharp <6753.T> is also noticeable. The double scope <6619.T> and Nippon Tsushin <9424.T> were also sold. Nitori Holdings <9843.T> was cheap and Jigen <3679.T> also looked for a lower price.

On the other hand, Sony <6758.T> was bought, and Murata <6981.T> was also strong. Takeda Pharmaceutical Industries <4502.T>, Eisai <4523.T>, Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma <4506.T> and other pharmaceutical stocks are also rising. Fujitsu <6702.T> is also expensive. CoroPlas <3668.T> was a big seller and the value was Ortoplus <3672.T>. Renesas Electronics <6723.T> is also popular. PS Mitsubishi <1871.T> rose with business, and Zenrin <9474.T> also went up.