“No Business With Huawei” Including Japanese Companies

The US Department of Commerce has added to the list of 68 affiliates, including a Japanese subsidiary, in addition to the headquarters of Huawei, a major telecommunications equipment company in China, that US companies are not allowed to trade without government approval. With the US-China confrontation intensifying additional tariffs, the Trump administration has become tougher on Huawei.

The US Department of Commerce is prohibiting US companies from trading without government’s permission, saying that China’s communications equipment giant Huawei is acting against US security and foreign policy interests. ,Announced.

Furthermore, on the 16th, it clarified that it added 68 affiliated companies including a Japanese corporation as well as the Huawei head office to the list banning business.

On that basis, applications that seek government approval are basically dismissed, and they have launched tough responses.

As a result of this measure, it has been pointed out that it will be difficult for Huawei to procure semiconductor parts such as semiconductors manufactured by American companies, which may have an impact on business.

The Trump administration has tightened its stance against Huawei as it is a security risk, as trade negotiations with China have become difficult and competition with additional tariffs has intensified.

Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Minister of Finance expressed concern over the impact on Japanese companies, etc., for announcing that the US government would prohibit the sale of electronic parts etc. to Chinese Huawei without permission.

At a press conference after a cabinet meeting on the 17th, Deputy Prime Minister and Vice Minister of Finance Aso were asked about the impact of the US government’s action on Huawei on Japanese companies, saying, It is said that we can not generally say about the direct and indirect influence on Japanese companies at this time.

On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister Aso stated, “There are also companies in Japan that supply parts and components to Huawei. We must be prepared to have some impact on them,” and said to Japanese companies etc. Concerned about the impact.