Obesity of Children who Cared by Grandparents is Higher

In the latest paper on Childhood Obesity, the team analyzed the results of 23 related studies worldwide and found that the rate of overweight or morbid obesity of children cared for by grandparents is nearly 30% higher. Although it may be good intentions, children cared for by grandparents are significantly more likely to become obese and their understanding of a healthy lifestyle is affected.

Lead author of the study, Ruopeng An, an assistant professor at Brown University School of Social Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, said that by providing wisdom, teaching traditions, providing guidance, and making memories, grandparents can often bring grandchildren a legacy that they cherish and use for life. Some negative effects that cannot be ignored.

Under the traditional concept of “bigger and healthier,” one of the negative effects is the child’s diet and exercise habits. An pointed out that some grandparents may urge grandchildren to eat more meals and provide sweets and fried foods to show affection. In addition, in some cultures, grandparents also tend to do housework for their children, which is an important form of physical exercise.

Interestingly, An found that research in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and five other countries showed the same results, and was surprised and aware of this cross-cultural similar trend.

“Because of their hunger and poverty in their youth, richness and fullness are the expectations of many grandparents. They may pass this feeling to their grandchildren, but the latter is actually contrary to the global” gastronomic swamp “and increasing To fight against the weight of food. “

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