Official: WhatsApp will Support Connection to Four Devices Simultaneously

After quite a few reports on the subject, Facebook has officially confirmed that WhatsApp starting soon will offer support for connecting to the service from four devices simultaneously. Unlike the current situation, the user’s’ main device, usually a telephone, will not have to be connected to the network at all times for the service to work, so any of the four devices can be used at any one time.

Although this is an option that most WhatsApp competitors have been offering for years, the company claims that due to the unique way the app works, when the messages are encrypted and sent directly between users without their copy being stored in the cloud, a rather complex solution is required to enable WhatsApp. . Initially, multi-device support will be launched in the beta version of the app in about a month, and then it will reach all users on Android and iOS.

In addition, the company announced two more innovations, but for them there is still no expected launch date. The first is the option to send a message that is deleted immediately after the recipient reads it, while the second is the option to set that every message that the user sends in each call or group disappears after a few days.