Operations Against PKK Continue in Turkey’s Border Region

At least one Turkish soldier was killed on Wednesday after army raids targeted guerrilla bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Lice region, according to a statement from the Diyarbakir mayor’s office.

The statement said 4 PKK members  were also killed but the claim was not immediately confirmed by the PKK which has in the past released its own casualty figures.

The deadly standoff took place as the military operation involving around 8,000 soldiers has continued since March 5, supported by 50 tanks, 17 helicopter gunships and two F16 fighter jets.

The new curfews follow a series of extended curfews in dozens of villages in the Mardin province two weeks ago.

The military claimed, it had seized 5 car bombs in Diyarbakir which they said had been prepared to launch attacks.

“The curfews will cover the districts of Lice, Farqin and Psor due to the “ongoing anti-terror operations in the area,” reads an earlier statement from the Diyarbakir mayor’s office.

The military raids called “anti terror operations” have also targeted alleged PKK bases in Dersim province and other districts in the bordering areas.

Ankara has accelerated its crack down on suspected PKK affiliates in the past month and detained some 800 people in 37 different provinces since last month on charges of “terrorism” and links to the outlawed Kurdish faction.