Optimus “Lobby Suspicion” Summoned Former FSS Chief

“Optimus lobby suspicion” summoned former FSS chief Management writes “flight scenario”
Prosecutors’ investigations over the so-called “Optimus Incident” that caused a large-scale fund redemption to cease are accelerating.

The prosecution confiscated the residence of the former FSS Commissioner, who was suspected of receiving money, and conducted a summons investigation.

Beyond the fraud committed by Optimus management, the prosecutors investigated the background, and the prosecutors seized and searched the residence of former FSS Commissioner Yoon Mo, who was suspicious of receiving money from Optimus.

The prosecution is said to have questioned whether there was a fact that former Director Yoon received money of tens of millions of won from Optimus CEO Kim Jae-hyun.

Director Yun Jeon was sentenced to imprisonment probation in the first trial in July in another case of giving and receiving money, and an appeal trial is in progress.

In a phone call with KBS, former Director Yoon denied all charges.

In addition, it was found that Optimus management prepared a way to respond to the investigation by writing a so-called’flight scenario’ document just before the prosecution’s investigation.

In the document, the management of Optimus held a meeting last May and discussed which of the executives would state to the prosecution that they led the fraud, and which organizations such as the FSS should be lobbyed.

The prosecution has submitted the document as evidence to the court at the time of the executive prosecution in July.

Along with this, Shin Mo, who is designated as Optimus”lobby window‘, has completely denied the allegations.

In a call with KBS, Mr. Shin said, “I tried to win a 100 billion won project in partnership with Optimus CEO Kim Jae-hyun, but in the end I couldn’t get it.”

Shin is currently under suspicion that he was designated as a “political lobby window” in a statement by the Prosecutors’ Office such as the Optimus board.