Pakistan Gave a Blow to China TikTok App was Banned for the Fourth Time

Islamabad. Giving a big blow to China, Pakistan has once again banned the Tiktok app. Pakistan has banned the Tiktok app on Wednesday for giving objectionable content.

Earlier this month, this app was banned for 2 days after the order of a Pakistani court. Many lawyers have been critical of government censorship in the country and Pakistan’s control over the internet and media from time to time.

Regarding banning the Chinese app Tiktok, the country’s authority says that ‘this action was taken because objectionable materials were being uploaded continuously on Tiktok and no action was being taken despite complaints. There has been no statement from the public representative of Tiktok regarding this ban.

Pakistan has banned this Chinese app in the country for the fourth time in recent months. Telecom regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tweeted that in light of the relevant provisions of the ‘Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016’, the PTA has banned the TikTok app and its website in the country.

It said that inappropriate content is continuously being found on this platform and no steps are being taken to remove such content which led to this action. Earlier on July 2, the Sindh High Court had reversed its earlier decision to ban TikTok for spreading immorality in the country. The court had on June 28 asked the PTA to suspend TikTok on a complaint by a citizen.

Earlier, in March, the Peshawar High Court had suspended the app on a petition by several citizens. However, lifting the ban a few weeks later, the court had asked the PTA to take steps so that no “immoral content” could be uploaded. The PTA had banned TikTok for the first time in October last year. The app was accused of showing obscene and immoral content. But this restriction was also lifted after ten days.

PTA spokesperson Khurram Mehran told Geo News that the app was asked several times about the “inappropriate content” being posted online but no action was taken by it.

Interestingly, President Arif Alvi used TikTok on July 16 to deliver a message about positivity and inspiration. According to the news of Dawn newspaper, last month it was said by the app that in three months it has removed more than 6 million videos from Tiktok in Pakistan.