Partido Novo does not Declare Support for Anyone in the Second Round

Joao Amoedo, candidate of Novo, get  2,679,728 votes in Sunday’s vote (7), ranking fifth in the presidential election.

In a statement, the party said that “the presidential scenario in the second round is not what we wanted” and that “the New will not support any presidential candidate”

The party, however, has positioned itself against the PT, claiming that the legend has practices opposite to those defended by Novo.

Despite Neutrality in the national election, New York’s candidate for the Minas Gerais government, Romeu Zema, who advanced to the second round, told Agencia Estadao Content that he will hold talks with the PSL congressman’s campaign to analyze possible support for the former Army captain.

Amoedo has not publicly declared support for any candidate, but has praised Paulo Guedes, Bolsonaro’s economic adviser.

“The New has achieved important achievements and is strengthened from the 2018 elections.

However, the presidential scenario in the second round is not the one we wanted.

We will maintain our coherence and our contribution to society will be through the performance of our elected bench, aligned with our principles and values.

The New will not support any presidential candidate, but we are absolutely against the PT, which has ideas and practices that are opposed to ours. ”