PETRONAS Increases its Presence in the Colombian Lubricants Market

One of the 10 largest companies in the lubricants sector in the world is expanding its area of ​​operation in Colombia. PETRONAS, the Malaysian oil company, is providing new opportunities to the Colombian market, offering more advantages and benefits to its commercial partners.

Present in more than 90 countries, PETRONAS develops high quality lubricants for the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors and has a complete portfolio of products, including for hybrid vehicles, that meet the highest standards and achieve the “API” classification more advanced.

PETRONAS values ​​pioneering spirit in conjunction with sustainable actions and reserves 75 percent of its budget in the sector for research focused on the development of products that reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.

Around the world, PETRONAS has a broad operational structure, with offices in more than 30 countries and several state-of-the-art laboratories for research and development. The brand has a strong presence and exports to 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and has built its Center of Excellence in Research and Technology in Brazil, reinforcing the importance of the region as a strategic focus.

This is just a small part of the value that PETRONAS partners can bring to your business in Colombia.

The company’s distributors enjoy an extensive and solid support chain, which has full support and benefits to guarantee all sales conditions, from courses and promotional materials, to marketing support and incentives.

“We have some strategic countries in the Americas, undoubtedly Colombia is part of this select group of markets that we will prioritize, grow and consolidate. We have a complete portfolio of products to serve different segments, with significant investments in research and technological development in high-quality fluids, using the F1, Moto GP and Dakar tracks as large laboratories. We are a young brand, but strong and with great potential. Therefore, we are also building a solid distribution network to work alongside our clients and grow together ”, according to Mario Zidan, Director, Export and Development of the Americas Market at PETRONAS.

This is one more step within PETRONAS ‘global strategy to invest in large markets with high potential, seeking new partners, offering opportunities and the latest technology in lubricants.

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