Pew Research: İsrael First And Iran second Most Disliked Countrys İn Turkey!

Mideast Israel PalestiniansMost Turks don’t like other countries, nor radical groups. Israel is most disliked country – by 86 percent of Turks, but Hamas and Hezbollah also disliked by 80-85 perce


Only one in five Turks like the United States and three out of four share a dislike of NATO, despite their country’s membership in the organization.

But, according to the findings of the latest Pew Research poll on Turkey, Turkish distaste for foreign powers does not begin and end with the US. On balance, around two-thirds or more of Turks express unfavorable views of the European Union, China, Brazil, Russia, Iran and Israel.

Israel ranks as the most disliked state – 86 percent of Turks dislike it – with Iran second – disliked by 75 percent of Turks. Israel shares the dislike with Hezbollah, which 85 percent of Turks dislike and Hamas, with 80 percent.

Turks even dislike Saudi Arabia (53% said so), although the Saudis ranked top in terms of favorable views by Turks – with 26 percent.

In fact, it is hard to find any country or organization the Turkish people really like, except, of course, Turkey itself. According to Pew’s spring 2012 poll, 78 percent of Turks said they had a favorable view of their country.

However, along with distaste for foreign allies, Turks also reject extremist groups and their tactics. Although Pew does not have measurements of Turkish opinion of the Islamic State, 85 percent have a negative opinion of its al-Qaida predecessor, with similarly poor views of other extremist groups like Hamas (80 percent oppose it) and Hezbollah (85 percent). Additionally, a majority of Turkish Muslims, who comprise 98 percent of the population, say suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilian targets are never justified – 58 percent.

Since Pew began polling the Turkish people in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, never have more than three-in-ten said they have a favorable view of the United States. But anti-Americanism really spiked in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq War, when 83% of Turks held a negative view of America.

“Despite the negative inclinations of the Turkish public toward world powers, roughly half the public (53 percent) in Turkey still wants to join the European Union. And while many in Turkey remain unhappy with national conditions, there has been a substantial increase in overall life satisfaction there since 2002,” the organization reported.