Pfizer Vaccine Discolors Pigs And Sheep in Global Stock Markets

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The US presidential election has changed, and global stock markets have also undergone dramatic changes. Before the opening of the US stock market on the 9th, the futures market rose higher and higher, rising 1582 points before the opening. In response to this, Xie Jinhe, chairman of Caixin Media, said in Post on Facebook that he thought that something big must happen at the time.

Xie Jinhe: Pfizer vaccine discolors pigs and sheep in global stock markets
The U.S. presidential election has changed, and global stock markets have also undergone dramatic changes! Before the US stock market opened yesterday, the futures market rose higher and higher, rising by 1582 points before the opening. I thought that something must happen. As a result, Pfizer announced that the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer has more than 90% efficacy. It turns out that there is this super bullish behind the surge in US stocks.

Since Wuhan announced the closure of the city on January 23, the epidemic has spread globally for nearly 10 months, with more than 50 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 1.25 million deaths. This is a catastrophe of the century. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals announced the successful development of a vaccine. Trump and Biden both said at the first time that this was great news, but it was only a week late. If Pfizer announces this good news before the election, it may be about Trump’s election. Bring help.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals announced the good news, and the global stock market also fluctuated. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals rushed to US$41.99 at the opening, but selling pressure emerged. The lowest fell to US$38.38 and closed at US$39.2. At this moment, the global stock market appeared instantly. Pig and sheep discoloration effect. Home office, videoconferencing companies, and new economic concept stocks that have benefited from the epidemic plummeted across the board. The most representative is Zoom, whose stock price fell by US$86.87, a decrease of 17.37%. The stock price of Peloton, a video fitness sports company, plunged 25.45%, and the disaster was very serious. The stock prices of masks, forehead guns, and quick screening test reagents that have skyrocketed this year have all fallen miserably. The share prices of FAAMG, Netflix, and Nvidia in the United States have plummeted; Taiwan’s TSMC’s ADR has dropped from 92.48 to 88.94…

This is a signal of change. That is to say, the upper k who benefited from the epidemic, the lower k turned over. Yesterday’s stock price surge was all suffering from the epidemic, including airlines, cruise ships, hotels and resorts, and games. Industry, Boeing and the five major airlines are the most representative.

Today, the major media have said that the US stock market has risen sharply, which is actually a tragic turnaround in the suffering of the epidemic. Taiwan stocks undertook this big change in the U.S. stock market as soon as the market opened. All the information industry, the huge electric bicycle, Merida, Guimeng, and the sports and fitness Lishan all fell sharply, and TSMC also fell 7.5 yuan. The U.S. stock market has soared on the surface. In fact, most of the K above the K-type recovery have been killed by Pfizer’s vaccine. This discoloration effect of pigs and sheep is powerful!



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