Pfizer’s BNT Vaccine has been Certified by the US and Drug Companies Such as Bao Rui are willing to Introduce it

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially approved Pfizer’s BNT vaccine, which has the opportunity to be introduced through agents through normal channels. Taiwan’s Bao Rui and other pharmaceutical companies have expressed their views, holding an open attitude, and are interested as long as they have the opportunity to do their best for the people of the country.

The US Food and Drug Administration on the 23rd officially approved the COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the German biotech company BioNTech for vaccinations over 16 years old, becoming the first COVID-19 vaccine officially approved by the United States.

After Pfizer vaccine obtained the general drug license, major pharmaceutical companies also actively evaluated the possibility of future introduction. Chen Shimin, deputy general manager of Baorui Pharmaceuticals, said Baorui has international inspection and registration experience and talents. As long as they have the opportunity to introduce to the needs of the Chinese people, they will be interested; but because Pfizer’s BNT vaccine Taiwan agency is in Shanghai Fosun, it is complicated. Relatively high, the follow-up depends on the policy direction.

Chen Shimin pointed out that in general, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the original manufacturer to apply for the registration of the Taiwan drug certificate. The application for inspection and registration of the normal drug certificate takes about one year. At this stage, it is necessary to further understand whether the rapid authorization and review can be applied. In the long run, under the trend of COVID-19 influenzaization and the use of additional agents to combat the mutant viruses, the standby will be mature, and they are all interested in obtaining the agency rights in the Taiwan market.

Other pharmaceutical companies said that due to the severe international epidemic at this stage and the impact of variant viruses, it is expected that COVID-19 vaccine purchases will be government-controlled commodities within one to two years, and it is necessary to further understand whether they will be open at their own expense.

Following Pfizer, it is expected that Modena will also have the opportunity to obtain a formal drug certificate; Compared with Pfizer vaccine, Modena seems to be simpler, and the willingness of pharmaceutical companies to strive for introduction is relatively high.