Pirelli: Tronchetti Proposes Bruno as Deputy Ceo

Pirelli‘s CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera has made an internal choice and proposes Giorgio Luca Bruno as Deputy-CEO.
Angelos Papadimitriou, whose name Tronchetti initially chose, and whose confirmation on the board of directors was on the agenda of the meeting, withdrew his candidacy for the office of director.

Bruno’s appointment to the board of directors, shared with the chairman of the board of directors Ning Gaoning, will be submitted to the assembly on 15 June. Until then, Giorgio Luca Bruno will continue to support the industrial activities of Prometeon Tire Group, of which he is currently CEO.
Bruno, born in 1960, graduated from Bocconi, joined Camfin in 1991; in 2008 he moved to Pirelli as head of corporate development and diversified businesses, a role in which he favors the entry of new shareholders and the revision of the group’s financial structure. In 2013 he became Executive Chairman of Prelios; then follows the process of separation of Pirelli‘s Industrial business, which has become an independent company with the name Prometeon Tire Group.

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