PIS / Pasep Begins to be Paid Today Based on the New Minimum Wage

Benefit will be paid to private sector worker born in January and February and to public server with Pasep final 5. Value can reach R $ 998

The first batch of PIS / Pasep of 2019 begins to be paid on Thursday (17). The workers will receive the benefit calculated based on the new minimum wage (R $ 998).

The PIS payment schedule is determined according to the worker’s month of birth. On this Thursday, the released lot contemplates those born in the months of January and February. On the other hand, Pasep considers the enrollment number in the benefit, considering the enrollees with final 5.

The payment schedule ends on March 13, 2019, contemplating the workers born in May and June and the registration numbers with end 8 and 9.

PIS / Pasep is already paid by banks with a new minimum wage amount

The benefit amount varies according to the server’s working time. The amount part of $ 80, for those who worked only one month in the year, and reaches a minimum salary for those who held a position with a contract signed for 12 months.

The professionals can check if they are entitled to receive some value by accessing the Banco do Brasil website, in the case of Pasep, or Caixa Econômica Federal, in the case of PIS.

The PIS is intended for employees of the private network, while Pasep is intended for public servants.