PKK Leader Öcalan: “I Still Hopeful of Turkey Peace Deal But…”

n_40195_4Öcalan said Monday he was still hopeful a peace deal with the Turkish state was possible but argued that Ankara needed to shift the process into a new gear.

Abdullah Ocalan met BDP,politicians for the first time after the  package, proposed deepening of the negotiations. , said in a statement “am in a great effort for four years. It means we have initiated the process over the last year. A great relief to the community in an effort conducted these studies, a large earthquake stopped.Ocalan suggestions that the government has written and spoken “Waiting for the attitude of the state to a significant depth negotiations.

Put off without loss of time due to the sensitivity of the process to be subjected to in-depth negotiations should go through life .. About the process keeping hope, this hope was disappointed to not return my call history to repeat one more time.

Mr Ocalan Sending the message forEid al-Adha , Abdullah Ocalan,said “Al-Qaeda and El Nusra betrayal of Islam, against those who are in Diyarbakir, the Democratic Congress has called. Ocalan, the “in-depth discussions of this conference to carry out all of our people Sunny and Alavi extremely important to participate.

Muhammad Shura studies on the Medina must be model , in the spirit of historical personalities such as Sheikh Said is important to make this work, “he said.
About a week ago,Sending massage with his brother Mehmet Ocalan and voicing his displeasure with  continuous process, as long as message that Abdullah Öcalan,was able to interview BDP group vice president of the AssemblyIdris Baluken and Pervin Buldan was more carefully this time