Places Prices Scooters The Outlines of the Paris Parking Plan

An action plan to reduce parking spaces in Paris to give space to pedestrians will be presented by the summer to the city council, said on Wednesday the deputy mayor in charge of transforming the city. public space, David Belliard.

Deputy EELV unveiled the recommendations of a citizen panel on parking spaces in the capital, estimated at more than 800,000, a majority (65%) in buildings, 18% in public car parks and 17% in the streets .

The citizen consultation recommends in particular to “remove surface spaces” by favoring the use of underground car parks, and for this to “reduce the price difference between the road and the basement”, to develop free relay car parks at the gates of Paris and to make free space for collective living spaces (terraces, play areas, shared gardens, etc.).

Paid parking for scooters
Another proposal of these “States General”, to pay the parking of motorized two-wheelers. “I have already said, we will do it,” said Mr. Belliard, who is giving himself until June to study the “technical feasibility of some of these proposals”. The first stake, according to him, is the “dehumidification” of the capital, namely “to put back nature, trees, open ground in a city which badly needs it”.

Reducing car parking spaces will also “widen the sidewalks of Paris”, ambitions the deputy, in order to “rebuild a city for pedestrians”. The place of bicycles and other “active mobility” on the Parisian road network will be the subject of a new bicycle plan which will be presented in September, he indicated.

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