” Playing War Games Ahead of Election”

Syria-Turkey-Planehe Turkish prime minister has been accused of shooting down a Syrian fighter in a cynical ploy to rally voters a few days before the nation heads to the polls. 
Opposition leaders, suggested Erdogan was deliberately stoking tensions with Syria in an effort to deflect voter attention away from thorny issues of corruption and the country’s recent ban on Twitter.“A Syrian plane has been shot down within Syria and under circumstances that leave open to debate whether the rules of engagement have been adhered to or not,” Haluk Koc, spokesman of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Turkey’s biggest opposition party, said in a statement. “The dictator could push the country into a pre-arranged adventure.”

The Prime Minister is facing municipal elections next Sunday that are widely seen as an unofficial referendum on the government. Erdogan has been under pressure after a string of corruption allegations and has reacted by re-assigning thousands of police officers, judges and prosecutors and by banning access to Twitter, which has been widely used to spread the latest corruption allegations. The Twitter ban has proved to be hugely unpopular.

Some polls say Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is in for a set-back on Sunday, while most polls agree that the AKP will remain Turkey’s strongest party with around 40 per cent of the vote, ten percentage points lower than in the general elections of 2011. A poor showing of the AKP could mean the end of Erdogan’s ambitions to become president in an election scheduled for August.



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