Police Found Explosives Placed at Istanbul Shopping Malls

poooooooHomemade explosive devices have been found in two shopping malls in Istanbul, days after a deadly suicide bombing in the city center and and the attacks in Paris.

Passersby noticed the suspicious package at the shopping mall in Başakşehir, an eastern suburb of Istanbul, on Jan. 10. After police officers cordoned off the area, a bomb disposal team arrived in the scene and confirmed that the device was a “fragmentation bomb” reinforced with butane fuel refills, according to Doğan News Agency.

The security team defused the bomb and took it to the forensics laboratory for the investigation.

Meanwhile, butane fuel refills have been found in another shopping center in the nearby Sefaköy neighborhood. Police opted to detonate the relatively less damaging explosive, after cordoning off the area, Turkish media reported.

No one has claimed responsibility for the bombs so far.