Pope Warns Against Fundamentalism, Erdoğan Slams ‘double-standards’

26891697 Pope Francis condemned the Islamic State assault on Christians and other religions minorities in Iraq and Syria, as he arrived Friday in Turkey to encourage Muslim leaders to take a stronger stand against extremists who twist religion to justify terrorism.

Francis sought to offer a balanced message as he met with Turkish officials upon his arrival in Ankara, his second trip to the Middle East this year. He reaffirmed that military force was justified to halt the extremists’ advance, but called for greater dialogue between Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths to end fundamentalism.
During the joint press conference with Erdoğan, Pope said he hopes Turkey can be a “great peacemaker,” while warning against “fanaticism and fundamentalism.”


Turkish President Erdoğan, meanwhile, expressed disillusionment about the international response to the massacres in Syria and the coup in Egypt. Pope Francis had hosted Egyptian President Abdulfattah al-Sisi only four days ago in Vatican