President Erdoğan: I Thought That Nazizmin, Was Over in Germany, It is Still Going On

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has likened the German authorities’ barring of Turkish politicians from meetings in Germany to the actions of the “Nazi period,” as joint diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis between Ankara and Berlin continue

I call out to the German government from here, I speak to the world that believes in democracy; If we are fighting for liberty, if we are not disturbed by freedom of thought, if we believe in democracy, no one can cut our future. That’s how it should be known. “Erdoğan said in an address in Istanbul on March 5.

Relations between the two countries lurched further into crisis after the cancellation of government members’ meetings with Turkish citizens in Germany in campaigning ahead of the April 16 referendum on shifting Turkey to an executive presidential system of government. Turkey reacted harshly against the cancellations and summoned the German ambassador to the Foreign Ministry in Ankara to express its disturbance.

”  I thought that nazizmin, was over in Germany, it is still going on, it is obvious that it is still going on, if you believe democracy, my minister will meet. Now I think that the Netherlands has made the same explanation, poor woe, they do not act in their own way, my brothers, now they think that Tayyip Erdoğan will come to Germany, and if I do, I will come tomorrow.

“We know very well how European cities have  harbored the bloody terrorists who have escaped from Turkey for years, and we know very well how they compete with hundreds of millions of euros each year in the knowledge of the terrorist organization. Finally, we keep track of how you embraced the FETO’s  traitors. ”

“Do you think ‘No’ votes will prevail ahead of ‘Yes’ in ballot boxes in Germany if you don’t allow our ministers to campaign?” Erdoğan asked on March 5, speaking at a conference on the status of “women and democracy” in Istanbul.