President Erdoğan: Our nation’s will is Above Everything Else

TURKEY-ERDOGAN/ABBASErdogan had urged the AKP to win a mighty majority to agree a presidential system that would have enshrined his status as Turkey’s paramount leader.

But in the statement, Erdogan sought to play the part of a neutral head of state — a role the opposition says he should have played all along in the campaign instead of supporting the AKP.

Erdogan acknowledged that no party had won an overall majority and said this was a “real and healthy” reflection of the election race.

“With the highest of turnouts, the polls reflect the will of our dear nation and its committment to democracy,” said Erdogan.

Analysts say a coalition, a minority government and early elections are all possibilities, in a situation unprecedented since the Islamic-rooted AKP swept to power in 2002.