Erdoğan Visits to Cemeteries for Turkish, Azeri Martyrs

resizePresident Erdoğan, as part of his program in Baku, paid homage visits to the tomb of former Azeri President Haydar Aliyev and cemeteries for Turkish and Azeri martyrs.

Following the official dinner which President Aliyev of Azerbaijan hosted in his honor, President Erdoğan proceeded to the Fahri Hıyaban state cemetery.

Laying a wreath at the tomb of President Haydar Aliyev, President Erdoğan also laid a bouquet of flowers on the grave of former President Aliyev’s wife, Zarife Aliyeva. The President further proceeded to the Monument of Baku Shahidlar (martyrs) Hıyabani of the Martyrs of January 20, at which he laid flowers and he also laid flowers at the Eternal Flame Memorial.

President Erdoğan later paid a homage visit to the Baku Cemetery for Turkish Martyrs, at which he laid a wreath; he also wrote the following in the following: “Our august martyrs! The heoric children of the great Turkish nation! You fought for the sake of the independence and freedom of our Azeri siblings in the most difficult period of our history during which we made a struggle for existance. You reached the highest level of all ranks by sacrificing yourselves without blinking. 96 years ago from now, during their honorable struggle, you assumed such a responsibility to help our Azeri brothers and sisters who were striving to obtain their sovereignty even when they were in grave difficulties.



With the Islamic Army of the Caucasus in which you served, you made history through your heroic deeds while consolidating the foundations of free Azerbaijan. Even in your most difficult times, you succored your siblings. You are the architects of both our common destiny with our Azeri brothers and sisters with whom you shared the same joy and grief and the unshakable relations between our countries.


The existing union, solidarity and amity between Turkey and Azerbaijan are based on such a sturdy foundation. I remember with gratitude and tribute our martyrs resting in Azerbaijan, Azeri martyrs and our heroes and heroines who did not spare any sacrifice in the independence struggles of both countries. May you all rest in peace!”


President Erdoğan, afterwards, completed his schedule in Baku and left for Wales to attend the NATO Summit.


Azeri Deputy Prime Minister, Yakup Eyübov; Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Taner Yıldız; Turkish Ambassador to Baku, İsmail Alper Coşkun, and other officials saw off President Erdoğan from Haydar Aliyev Airport.