President Erdoğan Will Visit 40 Cities Before the Referendum

President Erdoğan  will meet citizens in 5 cities in 3 days. Erdoğan’s first stop will be Kahramanmaraş.



The president goes to Kahramanmaraş today. Erdoğan will adress the people in Mersin and Aksaray before the announcement of the date of the referendum will visit 40 provinces before the referendum, the public in Kahramanmaraş  Müftülük square as the first stop. The president will pass on Malatya and Elazığ tomorrow after the talks there.


Erdoğan will meet with the public in Gaziantep and Adıyaman on Sunday. The president will go visite 40 cities on the referendum campaign. Erdoğan is expected to visit 33 provinces in the coming days, especially in the big cities.

President Erdoğan made a statement during a speech, “We need to solve the interest issue once, I know my loneliness.” Upon this announcement, a signature campaign titled “Not Solo Not Reis” was initiated in Adıyaman and the results of the campaign were delivered to the President by Deputy Chairman of Parliament Ahmet Aydın and Adiyaman Mayor F. Husrev Kutlu. Erdoğan, who thanked him for the invitation, said he would visit Adıyaman as soon as possible.