President Moon “North and South Korea Should be Careful to Handle this Opportunity Like Klassware”

President Moon Jae-in once again stressed that “peaceful economy is a key challenge and opportunity for our future.” Moon also said that President Donald Trump and North Korean Secretary of State Kim Jong-un will continue negotiations for the 3rd summit.

In a meeting of senior secretaries and aides at the Blue House on Monday, President Moon said, “We cannot give up if we want to be a peaceful and strong country.” The dialogue between North and South Korea has begun and is progressing. President Moon also said on the 15th Korea’s Liberation Day celebration, “We must overcome the division system and turn the energy of the Korean people into the engine of future prosperity. Both South and North Korea can reduce not only huge defense costs but also the intangible division cost of “Korea Discount”.

President Moon said, “The current phase of dialogue is a miracle made by the exquisite use of the PyeongChang Olympic Games that have been held in time with heightened tensions and the will and determination of South and North American leaders.” “If you fail, you don’t know when you will be able to create this opportunity again.” The US-Korea Combined Forces Training will end on May 20, and Steve Vegan, a special representative for the US State Department, visits South Korea.

Moon stressed that the two-way talks between North Korea, including the Singapore and Hanoi talks, should pay off this time. President Moon said, “South Korea, North Korea and other countries, and all of us and all of us, must take this opportunity as precious and save it. We need to have the wisdom and sincerity to count each other’s positions and to limberize. ” In addition, President Moon said, “We must achieve mutual cooperation by adding things that are helpful to the conversation and reducing things that hinder the conversation.” “The government will move forward without losing its center as it has been until now. ”