Prince William: Prince Andrew, is a “Threat” to the Family

Prince William has warned that his uncle, Prince Andrew, is a “threat” to the family due to the legal proceedings against him on suspicion of raping a minor, the Sunday Times reported yesterday. The tabloid The Sun reported that the Duke of York (Andrew)’s brother was unwilling to return to public activity.

Andrew, 61, the third son of Queen Elizabeth II, is in the midst of a legal entanglement amid his friendship with the pedophile billionaire who committed suicide Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-partner Gillene Maxwell. Last August, Virginia Roberts Joppa filed a lawsuit in New York court alleging that Andrew sexually assaulted her on several occasions while she was 17 years old.

Two years ago, following an interview in which he denied the allegations against him and provoked public outrage, the Queen forced the Duke to resign from public activities and give up sponsorship to charities. He has since been left out of the spotlight except for the days after the death of his father, Prince Philip. Until last week he was staying at Balmoral Castle in Scotland , was accused of trying to evade legal proceedings.

The Sunday Times yesterday quoted people close to Prince William as saying he was “not a fan of his uncle” and that he saw Andrew as “a risk and a threat to the royal family”. “There is no possibility in the world that he will return (to public activity), the family will not allow this to happen,” said one of William’s friends.

The Sun quoted another source as saying that earlier this year Andrew’s brothers – Prince Charles, Anne and Edward – held a meeting in which they decided: “There is no going back for him.” The Sunday Times also quoted a source as saying that although Prince Charles “loves his brother”, he believes the affair “damages the institution’s reputation”.

A source at the royal house concluded: “Prince Andrew should understand that he is in the status of a private member of the royal family and stop trying and go back to what he was. He should adopt a different role for the rest of his life. It will probably crush him, but he should accept it.”