Psychiatrist Exposes 4 Major Illnesses of Working Women

Working women are prone to fatigue, obesity, depression, and low libido

Kim Hye-nam, the director of a psychiatric hospital known as the “psychiatrist of South Korea”, believes that in this rapidly changing society, women who play two roles in the family and society at the same time are needed. Not only will they experience more Contradictions and confusion are often plagued by depression.

Jin Huinan pointed out that American female medical expert Brent. Dr. Brent W. Bost calls women plagued by this contradiction “The Hurried Woman Syndrome”.

According to her research, a quarter of women aged 25 to 55 in the United States suffer from weight gain, low libido, depression, fatigue and other symptoms. And South Korean women burn candles at both ends, and the proportion is probably not low.

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After get off work, men tend to take a rest with confidence, thinking, “I have come back from work, now I should relax!” However, women feel guilty and blame themselves for their children and family members because of working in the company, so they hurriedly put on aprons to do housework.

Jin Huinan said that the exhausted body and mind of professional women cannot be fully rested, and the rush of walking all day makes the body in a state of chronic fatigue and tension, and the feeling of depression is also increasing day by day.

In a society where being born as a woman is regarded as the original sin, it may be thankless from the beginning to want to claim to be a woman, maintain this status, and move forward for self-realization. Even so, at least you should find the next best strategy to comfort yourself well. Only in this way, will not heartache.

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Professional identity and female identity
The man who knows how to do things is very handsome. So, is a woman with strong working ability also a handsome woman? Hard to say. A male’s professional positioning will add strength to his identity as a male, making him a stronger and more attractive male. That is, a man who is recognized and capable in the workplace will also be promoted to a capable husband and a capable dad.

But women are just the opposite. Taking women as an example, professional identity will conflict with women’s identity, which will lead to conflicts.

Jin Huinan explained that in the process of growing up, women pay attention to the relationship with others. Because they are good at listening to the emotions of others, they resonate with others and their ability to establish relationships will become more developed. In addition, women also think that “building good interpersonal relationships” is a very valuable thing, and find their value in this kind of interpersonal relationship. In other words, women believe that establishing a good relationship with the people around them and taking care of others is the highest value of being a woman.

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However, in the process of women entering the traditional male world through professional activities, this value will conflict with other values. In the social system, more attention is paid to productivity and sense of accomplishment instead of establishing relationships. This atmosphere will create contradictions for women who pay attention to the identity of interpersonal relationships.

Jin Huinan emphasized that the biggest problem of professional women is not the society’s prejudice against “professional women”, nor the lack of care for women in the workplace environment, nor the lack of promotion opportunities, but the doubt about what they lack and what they might be doing wrong. , And the guilt of getting rid of the traditional female image. Perhaps this kind of role contradiction is a common and natural contradiction of professional women, which is also unknown.


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