Queen Maxima the ‘Wasteful’ Queen Also Recycles Cheap Dresses

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is accused of wasting. Not just money on clothes or travel, but style and charm too. Now she has shown that she also repeats ‘low cost’ dress, as Dona Letizia often does.

Always dazzling and sometimes stunning. That the queen of the Netherlands likes fashion is obvious because her wardrobe is huge, she invests in sewing models for the big galas, like those of the Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, based in Madrid, and she takes risks with her looks. She loves strong colors (orange, the symbol of Orange, is one of her favorites), dresses with large volumes, XL accessories and hats, headdresses and turbans, like those of Philip Treacy, which she wears with safety. She always wears colorful accessories: bags, shawls, hair

The same mastery shows when she wears tiaras and jewels of enormous value belonging to the jeweler of the Dutch royal house. Everything looks to her. But Queen Maxima, so admired outside her country for her generous smile, her attractiveness and her always cheerful appearance, is criticized indoors for her excessive spending on foreign brand clothing: Valentino (who made her wedding dress) , Chanel, Natan …, which make up most of her wardrobe. She is also accused of not giving enough visibility to the fashion of Holland, being able to become her best ambassador.

But, just as she chooses an expensive haute couture creation of great technical complexity, like the one by Iris van Herpen that she wore for her 50th birthday celebration on May 17, she repeats a ‘low cost’ dress from H&M, a model in beige poplin with puffed sleeves, which costs 49.99 euros in the online store of the Swedish giant. Yesterday she put it on again for a virtual meeting with representatives of the Princesa Máxima Pediatric Oncology Center.

Queen Maxima, who has an annual allowance of more than 1.1 million euros approved by the Dutch Parliament, is a ‘bonne vivante’, possessing an overwhelming personality. From her childhood in Buenos Aires, through her career as a bank executive in New York (where she met her husband) and later as princess of the Netherlands, her life has been intense and not free of dramatic episodes.

The Kings of Holland with her daughters during Máxima’s 50th birthday
The kings of Holland and her daughters, Alexia, Ariane and Amelia with Queen Emerita Beatrice during the celebration of the sovereign’s 50th birthday in The Hague. She wore an Iris van Herpen creation and striking diamond and emerald jewelery.

Her father, Jorge Zorreguieta, who was a senior agriculture official during the last Argentine military dictatorship, the Dutch Parliament did not allow him to go to Amsterdam for his daughter’s royal wedding in 2002 with the then Prince William, which caused her an enormous sadness. He was also unable to subsequently attend the coronation ceremony, in which Maxima became queen consort. Another extremely painful episode for the monarch was the suicide of her little sister, Ines, at age 47, which occurred in Buenos Aires.

Thanks to her spontaneity and sympathy, and because of her involvement in social causes, Queen Máxima has been winning over the Dutch people, but her popularity has decreased considerably in recent times due to her behavior during the pandemic. . Recently the royal couple apologized on Twitter for a vacation in Greece, where they own a villa, in which they did not respect the restrictions imposed by the covid.

Much commented has also been the monetary allocation to Princess Amelia, heir to the throne, that she will have 300,000 euros when she comes of age in December. She will also receive a supplement of 1.6 million euros for personal expenses. Her sister, Princess Alexia, will meet Princess Eleanor, both 15 years old, at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, in the United Kingdom.