Questions that Men are Most Concerned About Giving you the True Answers

Sex is the thermometer of feelings. When communication is not smooth, and even misunderstandings, speculations, resentments and aggressive behaviors appear, the relationship between partners will become cold and frosty.

Recently, the German “Bild” and the Institute of Sexology of the University of Hamburg invited 200 men to ask their 10 questions that they most care about in the order of before sex, during sex, and after sex, and asked their partners to answer truthfully.

This question and answer finally let the experts understand the root cause of the sex disorder between husband and wife.

1. Men: Do women prefer to have sex with men who are sexually brave?

Woman: We know that such a man will only appear in novels. In fact, we prefer men who are gentle and kind, have a strong sense of responsibility, and make people feel safe and dependent. They are truly sexy.

in conclusion:

For a long time, we have been instilled with a concept: women are emotional animals, and men are carnal animals.

But in fact, from a physical point of view, women are more sensitive than men, and they will get more enjoyment and pleasure in sex.

So “Sex is a sharing between both parties, not a man asking for what a woman gives.”

2. Men: For women, is it better to caress for as long as possible?

Women: Compared with men, women’s sexual arousal does take longer. But this is not innate, but can be reshaped, and we also look forward to change.

In fact, if men do not enter the “topic” for a long time, it will make us feel irritable.

in conclusion:

Caressing skills are more important than time. Caressing starts from light to heavy, from “outside” to “in”. It only takes 10 minutes to get a woman into the state.

After all, the female orgasm comes later than the male, and it is a key skill to evoke the “sex blessing” life in the “singing” foreplay.

Nowadays, the sexual affairs of men and women are mostly rushed, or they are excited and not ready to insert directly into the woman’s vagina.

When the vagina is not wet, this behavior is more likely to cause vaginismus pain, which will make the woman feel bored with sex over time.

3. Men: When men wear condoms, will women’s pleasure be affected?

Women: Separated by a layer of rubber film does not increase or decrease the pleasure of women, we hope that men wear condoms to have sex, mainly for safety.

If sex requires adventure, there is absolutely no joy at all.

in conclusion:

Most men feel that wearing a condom is like “scratching your boots” and will affect your pleasure, especially if the condom is too thick, it will be uncomfortable.

But for women, whether a man wears a condom during sex does not have any special feelings, nor does it affect pleasure.

However, women sometimes worry about whether the condom has slipped or torn.

Especially during the ovulation period, women may be distracted during sex due to fear of pregnancy.

4. Men: How do women view non-traditional sexual methods?

Women: Women also need to try new ways. Sex is not just for the next generation.

The same posture is easy to lose its freshness every time, and having different posture changes will stimulate more fun.

in conclusion:

Men always want to try novel ways to pursue greater sexual stimulation and sexual pleasure.

If the method he proposed is healthy, hygienic, safe, and can make women happier, most women can slowly accept it.

But if the way he wants sex is too “perverted”, or even tends to be sexually abused, which will cause harm to people’s physical and mental health, it will vary from person to person.

5. Men: Do women like sex under the light?

Woman: When we first go to bed, we don’t advocate turning off the light immediately, because seeing the smile on the face of the lover under the light makes people more happy.

But then if the light is turned off, the vision will give way to the sensation of the body, making the woman more focused and can indulge in enjoyment.

in conclusion:

Women’s demand for lights during sex is far less intense than men’s, but most people are not opposed to it.

In the process of foreplay, women like to turn on dim lights, preferably romantic orange or purple, because this can make them look more sexy, and they can also see the excited look of their lover, and make more eye contact with each other.

With the progress of sex, women hope that the light will be darker and not to be dazzling, so that they can relax and enjoy themselves. Only when they come to climax can they lose their shyness and give full play to them.

If a woman strongly opposes turning on the light, it may be because she is not confident about her figure or very nervous about sex. Men should not force it.

6. Men: Why do women pretend to have an orgasm?

Women: For many women, orgasm is not an inevitable part of happy sex.

But sometimes we do some disguise out of the idea that “only women who are prone to sexual excitement are attractive to men”.

Of course, sometimes we just want to end the sex process faster.

in conclusion:

The reason why women pretend to be orgasms is that they actually consider the feelings of their partners more than their own interests.

Either it is to satisfy the partner’s psychological expectations and maintain the dignity of the other party; or to express kind gratitude for the other party’s efforts; or to meet the needs of the partner.

In this way, those men who are angry when they learn that their girlfriends are pretending to have an orgasm do not really appreciate the kindness of their girlfriends!

7. Men: What do women think when making love?

Woman: If it was an unhappy sex, we would think, how could it be over?

Or, we will think of the men or male stars that make us our favorite and get us excited.

8. Men: Are women always passive?

Woman: We always appear passive, because we take the initiative to make sexual requests in a more subtle way, such as washing up early at night and getting ready to go to bed;

When we go to bed, we deliberately put on a very sexy underwear, and intentionally or unintentionally to show men…We are very strategic.

in conclusion:

Not necessarily, most of the relationships are very subtle, and many women will take the initiative to have sex after marriage.

9. Men: After sex, what topics do women like to talk with men?

Woman: We like any topic, including discussing the details of sex.

After the intercourse, the woman is not embarrassed by recounting the process just gone through and listening to the other person’s feelings, but women don’t like nagging men either.

10. Men: Are men jealous when men masturbate?

Woman: If the relationship is normal or good, the woman will not be jealous, because masturbation is also a normal sexual act.

However, if our relationship is not very good, then knowing that men leave themselves to masturbate, they will be jealous, and even feel inferior and sad.

in conclusion:

It is not a secret that men masturbate, most women already know it. If the male’s masturbation does not affect the normal sexual life and relationship of the two, then the woman is acceptable.

After all, men only get happiness through normal means, and have no affair with other women.

But if a man neglects his wife and entertains himself in the bathroom alone, then the woman will feel hurt.

Of course women also masturbate, especially women who have been married for a long time. They know their bodies better than men, and they also get pleasure through masturbation.

However, the survey shows that the frequency of female masturbation is much lower than that of men. Most of the time, women regard masturbation as part of foreplay.