Rate of Bathing for Infants Per Week

A German magazine stated that it is unhealthy to bathe the babies on a daily basis, because their skin is very sensitive, and it is about 30% thinner than the skin of adults.

“Baby & Family” magazine added that the infant’s skin sensitivity is due to the incomplete growth of the natural protective barrier in the skin, and then it exposes to dehydration faster in the event of a daily shower.

According to the magazine concerned with family and children, accordingly, the rate of infant bathing should not exceed 3 times a week.

She explained that it is sufficient with normal skin to use clear water, with the possibility of using a gentle shower gel on the skin for infants.

In the case of dry skin, you can shower with almond oil, as it moisturizes the skin and gives it a soft feel like silk.

It is important that the water temperature does not exceed 37 ° C, and that the bathing time does not exceed 10 minutes.

For proper care of infant skin, care products that are free of preservatives and aromatics should be used, as they may irritate the baby’s skin and cause allergic reactions.