President Erdogan Warns Turkey Aademics They Will Pay Price Over Petition

erdiganTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on academics who criticised his policies in the Kurdish-dominated southeast, warning they would pay a price after falling into a “pit of treachery”.

Prosecutors have launched a major investigation against more than 1,200 Turkish academics who signed a petition denouncing the military operations against Kurdish rebels in the southeast. At least 18 were then detained as part of the probe.
Erdoğan said the academics had shown “real and ugly faces” after their “masks fell off”.


“They spit out their hatred of our nation’s values and history on every occasion and the petition has made this clearer,” said Erdogan.
Erdoğan implied that the academics would face both criminal consequences and the loss of their posts.

“So you think you will try to disrupt the unity of these nation, and continue to have a comfortable life with the help of the salary that you receive from the state and pay no price?” he said.

“Those days are over.”

Erdogan said the academics will continue to thrash around “in this pit of treachery they fell in”.

“In a state of law like Turkey, so-called academics who target the unity of our nation have no privilege to commit crimes,” he said. “They don’t have immunity.”