Reasons to go to Africa Before the End of the Year

Africa is the continent we all have a bit deep inside of us. Because with its mosaic of countries so dear to our senses, we can imagine what the cradle of humanity looked like. 

In South Africa, roam the Zululand and the coast of Durban freely and with funny cars, Mini Convertible, Ladybug or Fiat 500!

Sleeping at the Satyagraha House, where Gandhi lived in Johannesburg and absorbing her unique aura, then discovering the “African New York,” her up-and-coming neighborhoods and arty addresses.

Furrow Madagascar without jet lag on the Nationale 7, in the orchid season.
This little pearl often forgotten by travelers, has sublime beaches and hotels and a people so nice!

Because there is still room in the most beautiful lodges of Kenya to stay quiet and hike with the Maasai.

Because after Tanzania, we can push to Zanzibar and stay in a former Swahili palace that belonged to an Omani princess, which became our confidential address …

Savor the beauty of Malawi where the beaches are unknown and sublime, especially those of the Lake of the same name. Here again, we know a house waiting for you …

Go to meet the mountain gorillas in Uganda and expect a shock!

Because if you go to Africa with your family, you will make indelible memories for your children, what we call in our brochure Traveling with our children “the souvenir factory”.

Because at Voyageurs, we adapt to your vacation pace and what you like: departure on time you want, dinner in the Bush or on a sandbar, lunch in the shade of an acacia parasol, and very specific visits depending on your hobbies: submit your passions for a trip that suits you!

Many people have the dream to travel to Africa and ask our travel specialists, which would be the best country for it. But this question is not so general to answer and so go even in our team opinions about it.

Africa is a vast and incredibly diverse continent, be it in its vegetation, in matters of faith, the ways of life of the people or the exciting animal kingdom, but which is the best travel destination for the first time Africa vacation?

The best travel destination for the first time Africa vacation
Nevertheless, these three highlight countries for Africa have emerged, which we would like to present to you as the ideal entry-level countries:

1. Morocco – Oriental Africa

Morocco presents itself to the traveler with its inimitable, oriental charm, the natural Altlasgebirge; vast deserts; green oases or dream beaches, like the excellent “Legzira Beach”. The country is often referred to as one of the top travel destinations in Africa because it makes getting started very easy. It is considered safe, is fast from Germany in about 3 flight hours to reach and thus for an extended weekend an interesting option.

In the country itself, you can move very well alone with the rental car to look at the highlights such as imperial cities, deserts or said beach sections. Morocco has a good transport infrastructure in major cities and overland connections. If you feel comfortable when accompanied, you will also find private drivers for a reasonable price. Travelers especially describe the time of the Muslim Ramadan festival as interesting, because after sunset, life awakens and is celebrated together.

Morocco is also a valued tourist destination for pleasure-seekers. The Moroccan cuisine enchants with its variety and lovingly prepared dishes. So the “experience food” begins already on the lively, colorful and fragrant markets, as one finds them for example in Marrakech. The easiest way to communicate in Morocco is in French, but English, Spanish, German and Italian are also spoken. Especially in the tourist centers, the medical care is very good and the doctors speak English or French.

Our tip: The place “Djemaa el Fna” stands for some years as a masterpiece of the oral and immaterial heritage of humanity under the protection of UNESCO and should be missing on any trip to Morocco as a highlight. Click here for the travel component.

2. Mauritius – The Africa of the dream beaches
If one thinks of Africa, the image of first-class beaches is immediately present. The islands of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean are considered the dream islands par excellence, not least because of the breathtaking coastline. Dreaming of who has the perfect beach in mind: snow-white sand, turquoise-blue water and the palm-fringed scenery. Year-round summer temperatures between 24-30 degrees and an average of 5-8 hours of sunshine make the holidaymaker’s heart beat.

The islands are accessible by direct flight in about 13 flying hours, the main roads are tarred and easy to drive. It is easy to get around by rental car, bus or taxi on the main island. If you like it sporty, rent a bike to explore the most beautiful beaches on your own. Medical care in Mauritius is considered to be relatively good, only in remote areas there are bottlenecks. The islands are free of Ebola and there are very few malaria cases. The security situation in Mauritius is good compared to many other African countries, with growing tourism also leading to a growing number of petty crimes.

Mauritius is praised by travelers for its varied cuisine, due to the many different cultures and immigrants that can be found here. The Indian community has a particularly strong influence, whose cuisine offers deliciously spicy dishes. English is the official language of the country, but the majority of its inhabitants speak French, the aboriginal Creole and in tourist centers one is sometimes helped in German.

Our tip: get to know the island from the water and take a catamaran on a discovery course. Here you can also dive into the fascinating underwater world of the Indian Ocean while snorkeling. Click here for the travel component.

3. South Africa – Wild Africa
Game drives in the savannahs of the wilderness, endless expanses, exciting wildlife viewing and magical sunsets, most of which connect with Africa. But also traditional cuisine, colorful clothing and the sheer exuberant joy of life of the people – that’s exactly who is traveling to South Africa. This country makes it easy for travelers to get started in Africa. 6 months a year you move in the same time zone, only in the Central European winter time there is an hour difference in time and so usually the otherwise so tiresome jet lag is usually off. In about 11 hours of direct flight, which usually flies overnight, the traveler lands in South Africa and can immerse himself directly in this lively culture.

The roads are well developed and even with a small car, the tourist destinations are easily accessible. On these routes there are sufficient gas stations, supermarkets and banks. And exactly these points make the difference to the neighbor Namibia. In South Africa, almost everything can be paid for by card and that also makes it easy for beginners to travel here. Also a decisive advantage to the neighboring country, where almost only cash payment when refueling is accepted. Safety is still a big issue when traveling in South Africa, and especially in the cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town it is advised to adhere to the security rules of the Foreign Office. Those who do not carry their wealth, who also follow the advice of the locals and avoid overland trips after dusk, can also move around the country alone.

Although South Africa has eleven national languages, English is the country’s most widely used language, with whom you can communicate well anywhere. Many inns and lodges are due to the large number of European travelers but now also geared to the German language. South Africa has excellent medical facilities that meet European standards. Malaria is a risk in the lowlands of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and KwaZuluNatal provinces, but there are also plenty of regions and national parks outside of these areas that are malaria-free and safe to travel with children.