Software Equipped With Three-Dimensional Cell Analysis Technology

Release of software equipped with three-dimensional cell analysis technology, expected to improve the efficiency of drug discovery process.

On September 2018, Olympus introduced and released the software “NoviSight” equipped with 3-dimensional cell analysis technology developed as a new technology of scientific business in the United States. It is possible to accurately analyze the cell test using the three-dimensional model, and it is expected that the development risk can be reduced and the efficiency of the drug discovery process will be improved.

NoviSight is used in conjunction with confocal laser scanning microscope “FV 3000” series etc. It is possible to quantitatively evaluate cell viability and survival rate by drugs by observing and analyzing massive spheroids in three dimensions as well as changes in individual cells in spheroids due to medicinal effects.

When examining cancer therapeutic drugs, it is possible to evaluate the survival rate by recognizing the life and death of cells by the drug in three dimensions, and to evaluate how much cancer cells were killed and how much growth could be suppressed. It is expected that highly accurate results will be obtained in the preliminary stage of the clinical trial by conducting a test with a spheroid whose cellular structure is close to the human living environment.

In addition, since many spheroids are collectively analyzed and measured using a microplate capable of culturing a large number of samples, it is possible to easily compare the medicinal efficacy when changing the kind of drug to be used and the conditions of concentration.

The interface at the time of operation can be freely laid out, and it can be confirmed by attaching the analysis result of the distribution chart of the survival rate, the heat map, the graph and the observation image. Contributing to efficient work by providing information that users want to know in an easy-to-see form