Renault Reveals All The Details of The New Renaulution Strategic Plan

The new CEO at the head of the Renault group, has revealed the guidelines that the Rombo brand will follow in the coming years, with the new

Renaulution” business strategy”. A deployment that will focus on electric cars and segment C and D models with important novelties until 2025.

The keys to “Renaulution” focus on three phases that will extend beyond 2025, and all launched at the same time, culminating according to their deadlines, reflecting the arrival of new models and with electric cars also as a central axis. The first responds to the “Resurrection” and is the most important, since it is about generating income instead of volume of units in Renault, as we already anticipated, culminating in 2023.

The second phase, called “Renewal” is also rolled out immediately and will end in 2025, with the aim of renewing the range of models that are profitable. The third, “Revolution”, will start in 2025 and seeks a new role in the firm, focused on technology, energy and more sustainable mobility.

The CMF EV platform is one of the three that Renault will have, strictly for electric cars
Renault will measure its capacity by actual cash income and not by units sold
The new strategy has not specified which models will drop from the current range, although the strategy does focus efforts on Renault’s key areas, attacking strengths and dispensing with anything superfluous. Specifically, and under the slogan of “The future is now”, the French brand will give autonomy to the four brands in terms of resource management.

The manufacturer will reduce development times for models to reach the market in a maximum of three years, while reducing costs with only three platforms, which will focus 80% of volumes at the group level, in addition to reducing the engine families from 8 to 4. One of the key lines is the strengthening of key markets in the world, turning towards emerging markets in South America, India and Korea, in addition to continuing with a greater presence in Spain, Morocco, Romania, Turkey and Russia.

By brand, “Renaulutio”  will be a real revolution since it foresees the launch of 24 new models until 2025, with 12 in the C and D segments, and 10 electric, always with the flag of profitability. The Rombo’s strategic plan will mean a revolution in the compact range that will launch new models to become a leader in Europe, while also allowing for more profitability in South America and Russia.

Up to 10 new electric cars scheduled until 2025 so that Renault continues to be the leader in Europe, in addition to having a specially dedicated production site, the Flins factory, a new generation of batteries to increase maximum autonomy, and working on the new “E-Tech” technology focused on two axes: that of plug-in hybrids for personal use in segments A and B, and that of commercial vehicles, with six new models, powered by a fuel cell and hydrogen.

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