Resident Evil 4 Remake Production Revamped Says Website

The remake of Resident Evil 4 has undergone a series of changes in its production hierarchy and scope, according to the VGC website.

According to the report, Capcom reportedly promoted changes in command of the project, the development of which became public in April 2020.

The M-Two studio would have lost decision-making power in the project, which will now be led by Capcom’s internal division focused on the Resident Evil franchise.

Founded by former PlatinumGames CEO (and former Capcom employee) Tatsuya Minami, M-Two has been helping Capcom with games in the Resident Evil franchise since the Resident Evil 3 remake, launched in 2020.

The change in command would have been the result of creative differences in the scope of the project. According to the report, M-Two planned to make a more faithful remake, while Capcom wants to follow a project inspired, but not exactly the same as the original game of 2005, along the same lines as the remakes of RE3 and Resident Evil 2.

However, with the Capcom division responsible for the RE franchise busy with the final preparations for Resident Evil Village, the eighth game in the series due to launch in May, the project may have its launch postponed by one year, from 2022 to 2023.

Released in 2005 and originally exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most acclaimed, popular and important games not only for the franchise but for the gaming industry as a whole.

In the game, Leon S. Kennedy, one of the protagonists of RE2, has the mission of rescuing the daughter of US President Ashley Graham, from a strange and sinister European cult that has been conducting strange experiments with parasites known as Las Plagas.

The title revolutionized by changing the perspective of the camera to third person and giving a greater focus to combat, with its mold being adopted by subsequent games in the series and influencing the development of several other games, such as Gears of War.

Since launch, the game has been ported to a variety of platforms, from PS2 to Wii to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For now, Capcom has not confirmed whether it works on a remake of Resident Evil 4, but recently released a poll asking fans what they would like to see in the future for the franchise.

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