Who will Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu Date

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu has given her opinion on Casting Couch in Bollywood.

India’s Aan-Baan and Shaan Harnaaz Sandhu have brought laurels to the country by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. Harjaan gave this to India after a long wait of 21 years…

In the interview, Harnaaz was asked who would she prefer to date, a powerful rich man or a struggling man? In response to this question, Harnaaz said that  I think I would like to date a young struggling man. The reason for this is that I have struggled myself and am doing so in future also. Harnaaz said- To be honest, I do not know what kind of situation a person should face after entering Bollywood…

The heart of every Indian is wide with pride these days. There is a prayer on every tongue, love in every heart, for Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu, who has increased the country’s honor all over the world. After 21 years, Harnaaz has brought the crown of Miss Universe to India. Before him, Lara Dutta in 2000 and Sushmita Sen won this crown for India in 1994. Harnaaz has already made her debut in Punjabi films before becoming Miss Universe. Two of his films are about to be released, while preparations are on for Bollywood as well. But Harnaaz also has plans regarding personal life. Harnaaz, who considers her mother as her everything, is as beautiful as she is intelligent and comfortable. Now in an interview, Harnaaz has told what kind of guy she would like to date. Not only this, Harnaaz has also expressed his opinion on Casting Couch in Bollywood.

‘No rush to debut’
In an interview to ‘India Today’, Harnaaz said that she has plans for her Bollywood debut, but she does not want to be in any hurry. Harnaaz said, ‘Whenever I start the innings in this direction, I will definitely inform everyone. I think it is too early to say anything about it now. So don’t worry, Harnaaz will definitely update you.