Richard Branson is Ahead of Jeff Bezos And has Already Flown into Space

Tycoon Richard Branson has done it. The founder of the conglomerate of companies Virgin has traveled to space in the high-altitude ship / plane VSS Unity, belonging to his company Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22 mission has taken six people, including the company’s founder, Richard Branson, to an altitude of 85 kilometers, where they have been able to reach zero gravity, as seen in the opening photo of the News.

The flight was uneventful. You can see it in full here in this streaming that is still live, with the statements of the astronauts:

Richard Branson has been 9 days ahead of Jeff Bezos, in a duel between millionaires that will give a lot to talk about.

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It seems that Blue Origin, the company founded by Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has not been happy with Virgin Galactic announcing the Richard Branson show after Bezos did, but ahead of time a few days.

Blue Origin has criticized during the Virgin Galactic technology, which it describes as “100 times more polluting”, and also ensures that the VSS Unity spacecraft, which it calls “plane of great attitude”, has not really gone into outer space .

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Indeed, Virgin Galactic’s flight system is very different from Blue Origin or SpaceX.

Virgin Galactic spacecraft do not take off directly from the ground. A mothership transports them up to about 15,000 meters of altitude, and from there they release the spacecraft and ascend into space, about 85 km high. The craft itself, which is shaped like an airplane, lands at an airport.

The controversy resides in what each one understands by outer space, where there is no consensus.

According to “96% of the world’s population,” explains Blue Origin, outer space is marked by the Kármán Line, which is 100 km high.

If we take this reference, then it is true that Virgin Galactic has not gone into space, since it has only reached 85 km. The Blue Origin rocket will exceed 100 km.

However, there are agencies, including NASA, that consider that the limit of outer space is 80 km. With this measurement, the Virgin Galactic plane would have gone into space.

Blue Origin criticizes many other things in this comparative tweet: