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Gold Price Today 27 September 2020: There is always a fluctuation in gold-silver prices. As soon as the festive season starts, there are constant fluctuations in the price of gold and silver.

Gold Price Today 27 September 2020: Right opportunity to buy gold, price again below 50 thousand – know what is the price in your city

However, the time is still right for those who buy gold and silver. Gold is still being sold below 50 thousand (per 10 grams). Currently, the price of gold is 49846/10 grams, while the price of silver has also come down to 60 thousand (per kg) and currently it is 57477 per kg. The market opened at 50136 (per 10 grams) on the last day of the trading week, ie Friday, and closed at 49846 (per 10 grams). Also Read – Gold Price Today 26 September 2020: Gold prices rise after several days of decline, know the latest price of your bullion market

Talking about the last 15 days, only a decrease in the prices of gold and silver has been seen. According to the Indiabulls Jewelers Association, the opening price of gold (Sone Ka Aaj Ka Bhav) was 50136 (10 grams – 24 carats) on the last day of the trading session, while the market closed at 49846 (10 grams – 24 carats). Happened. At the same time, the silver price started at 58843 / kg and closed at 57477 / kg. Also Read – Gold Price Today 25 September 2020: Gold dropped below 50 thousand, a sharp decrease in prices for the fourth consecutive day, the right opportunity to purchase

Let it be said that this is the first time in the last 15 business days when the prices of gold and silver have seen such a decline. Earlier, on the last 24 Sep, gold had reached below 50 thousand (per / 10 gram). Let us know that the price of gold reached a record 56,200 last month, and so far a decline of about 6000 has been recorded. At the same time, the price of silver also rose to 80,000 per kg last month. Also Read – The best time to buy cheap gold today! Fat money can be made in one to two weeks.

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