Robot Builds your Furniture for You

In a few years, the easiest way to furnish easily and cheap will no longer be running at Ikea but relying on robots.

This is at least what the experiment conducted by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory suggests. AutoSaw is a robotic system that allows novices to design computer-made wood furniture and then cut it out to robots.

Called AutoSaw, it is a set of robot carpenters who can make customary furniture (chair, table, desk …) without human intervention. The model is first created on a computer with OnShape CAD software. The construction plan is then forwarded to a team of robots who will take care of the work of cutting the pieces of wood. Against all odds, these are not hyper-complex mastodons. First of all, there are two Kuka youBots robotic arms mounted on motorized trays that take the pieces of wood to be cut with a circular saw.

A vacuum cleaner robot of the Roomba brand, whose brooms have been replaced by a jigsaw, is responsible for cutting the other elements. The furniture assembly will then be done by a human by following the instructions step by step. As can be seen in the video, the result is rather rudimentary, but the CSAIL team ensures that the precision of the division is comparable to that of a human.

The general idea is to allow novices to make custom furniture without having to handle potentially dangerous cutting tools.